The Latter-day Miracle of Missionary Work


  1. We are to reach out to the world in missionary service, teaching all who will listen.
  2. We are to help the full-time missionaries bring others to a knowledge of the truth.
  3. Full-time missionary work brings lasting happiness to those who serve.
  4. As we introduce others to the gospel, the Spirit of the Lord helps overcome differences between us.
  5. As we go forward in faith, the Lord will bless our efforts to introduce others to the gospel.

Power Questions:

  1. Is there anyone that served a mission that didn’t originally plan to serve? (introduction)
  2. What blessing did you receive from your mission that you never expected? (introduction)
  3. How can we determine if someone is willing to listen to the gospel? (section 2)
  4. What can we do as a ward so that the missionaries never have to tract again? (section 2)
  5. What was the best way your parents and youth leaders helped you better prepare for missionary service? (section 3)
  6. How can we better prepare missionaries for the discouragement of missionary life? (section 3)
  7. How do we let superficial differences stop us from sharing the gospel? (section 4)
  8. Reflecting on your own personal experience of missionary work, why do we call it a marvelous work and a wonder? (section 5)

Preparing a Plan to Share the Gospel

All faithful members of your call want to share the gospel. It is less likely to be a motivation problem and more likely to be an ability problem. To help members prepare to share the gospel have them go through the following steps with a pen and paper to record their answers and goals.

Step 1: Discuss as a class what the next 2-3 spiritual events are in your area (temple open house, ward activity, fireside). Have the class pick one they would like to focus on and write down the date of the event.

Step 2: Have each class member write down a name of an individual or family they could invite to this spiritual event. It doesn’t have to be someone in your ward boundaries. It could be anyone in their circle of influence. Encourage the class even consider writing down names they think are highly unlikely to agree to attending.

Step 3: Have each individual write down some preliminary steps they could focus on between now and the time they would invite the person to the activity. These might include, inviting them over for dinner, paying a visit to them every other week, baking them a treat and taking it to them. Each of these activities should build a relationship with them so that when the time for the invitation arrives they are open to the friendly invitation.

Step 4: Write down the date of when the invitation should happen and then invite them to specifically mention it in every personal and family prayer they have.

Why Members Rarely Give Referrals to Missionaries

Review the article Why Members Rarely Give Referrals to Missionaries and invite the class to brainstorm on smaller commitments the missionaries could ask of members and their families so that they can get closer to having a missionary referral.


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