What is LeadingLDS?

You can read more about LeadingLDS on our ABOUT PAGE, but in short, LeadingLDS is a non-profit (501c3) organization that is striving to help lay leader enhance their ability and capacity as leaders. Simply put, we help leader say, “I know what to do!” As many of you probably know, when you are called to lay leadership in the LDS Church you are not given any official training as a leader. We hope the resources at LeadingLDS will supplement your leadership development.

What Topics Are Discussed on LeadingLDS?

You will find a variety of topics discussed through our podcast, online articles, and webinars. The best place to start is to use the website search function or to explore content related the following callings:

LeadingLDS Podcast

We post new podcasts once a week (sometimes more) in which Kurt Francom interviews an author, trainer, lay leader (typically with an LDS background). Our episodes are easy to listen to on the go — about 30-60 minutes — and are available on most major podcast providers: Stitcher, Apple Podcasts (iTunes), or any other player of your choice. Be sure to subscribe through your favorite podcasting app so that you don’t miss any future episodes. If you need help with subscribing watch this video. We have over 250 episodes so we recommend starting with the most listened to episodes and go from there.

Popular Podcast Series

  • How I Lead These are podcast interviews where we sit down with every-day, prolific, leaders that serve in various lay leadership callings (bishops, EQP, YW President, mission president, etc.). We ask them basic questions about how they approach the challenges in their calling and what you can learn is priceless.
  • WIWIK (What I Wish I Knew) These are compilations of short clips where leaders share a short perspective about what they wish they knew before they were bishop, or Relief Society president, etc. We also answer questions about what they wish they knew before performing a wedding, or organizing a primary program.
  • Leaders Teaching Leaders This is a series of posts that share what leaders of the church have learned from other leaders of the church. This might include stories from general conference, accounts of one leader attending a stake conference with another leader, or simply recollections one leader’s interaction with someone they respected. There are great leadership skills one can learn by pondering these interactions.


Each week LeadingLDS hosts a video webinar where we dig in to a specific training or topic that will further benefit the lay leadership audience. You can register for upcoming webinars on our homepage and they are available to view for free on LeadingLDS.org for 24 hours following the recording. To access the full library of past webinars you can become a Core Leader. See details below.

Leadership Summits

We are striving to create in depth online summits that focus around specific leadership topics. We already released the Motivating the Minister virtual summit in early 2017 and will soon release the Teaching Saints Virtual Summit (Register Here).


Visit the LeadingLDS Store to see the awesome products available for purchase. All proceeds go towards the support of LeadingLDS.

Never Miss LeadingLDS Content

To make sure you never miss the valuable content created on LeadingLDS be sure to do the following:

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Become a Core Leader

We want to reward our monthly/yearly donors with additional content because without their contributions we would not be able to continue creating valuable content. Everyone that contributes through an automatic donation will be apart of the Core Leader community which has access to our webinar library and additional podcast content. To become a Core Leader DONATE NOW.

Join the Slack Community

If you would like to be apart of the LeadingLDS Slack Community, send us an email.

Join the Helpers Group

We have a Facebook group for individuals that want to help LeadingLDS succeed through minor efforts (reviewing future content and products, or proofreading content). We also discuss questions related to leadership callings (How do you improve ward council? How does you manage your records? etc.) JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP NOW

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